YouTube launches its paid subscription in Canada and Europe

Google launched on Monday in Canada and Europe a paid version of its YouTube Music streaming service, designed to compete with Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music in the growing world of online music.  The service, available since May 22 in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and South Korea, is now also deployed in Canada, France, Spain, Germany, Italy and the UK United, in particular, announced the company.

Proposed at $ 9.99 a month, YouTube Music Premium is a streaming music service that aims to compete with Spotify or Apple Music. It offers songs, excerpts of concerts, remixes and recommendations of artists to listen to, without commercials, according to the listening history of the subscriber, but also his or her location.

YouTube relies on its machine-learning technology to outperform rivals in responding to user queries. A free version is available for music lovers willing to endure their listening sessions getting interrupted by commercials.

In parallel, YouTube has decided to relaunch its YouTube Red offer under the name of YouTube Premium, at a cost of $ 11.99 per month. It encompasses YouTube Music Premium and also provides access to YouTube Original programs such as F2 Finding Football, a soccer documentary, the Cobra Kai and Impulse series, and The Sidemen Show, which showcases the adventures of YouTube stars.

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Google says the catalog of its YouTube Originals programs will be enriched in the future with comedies, reality shows, and adventure shows, further marching on the Netflix flower beds.

Eid Lee

Eid is a freelance journalist from California. He covers different topics for The Talking Democrat but focuses mostly on technology and science.