This is the perfect female body… as imagined by an anatomist


Alice Roberts, an anatomist from the UK, was challenged to imagine the biologically perfect woman. The result is surprising, but it should delight all lovers of heroic fantasy.

The human body may be a great machine, a machine with complex operation, but it still is far from being perfectly suited to our world and our direct environment. Roger Highfield, the director of external affairs at the Science Museum Group, challenged Alice Roberts to imagine and design the perfect woman.

If the scientist has turned to her, it is not by chance. Alice Roberts has a specific set of skills — anatomist, osteoarchaeologist and anthropologist — that allows her to undertake such a difficult task. After studying anatomy at the University of Wales, which has since become Cardiff University, she worked as a doctor in a hospital before landing a teaching post in clinical anatomy, embryology and physical anthropology at the University of Bristol.

In 2001, she made her television debut on Channel 4 and her career soon took off in the following years. Since 2007, Alice Roberts has worked for the BBC and has had the opportunity to host several shows. The next one is scheduled for tomorrow on BBC 4 and she will focus on the amazing experiment suggested by Roger Highfield, an experiment aimed simply at imagining the perfect female body, and therefore the most adapted body to our environment.


Photo Credit: Alice Roberts. Making the Perfect Body. 

One will, of course, have to wait for the broadcast of the show to discover the entire experience, but Alice Roberts took the initiative to share some elements on his own blog. As she explains herself, she chose, for the sake of the experiment, to start with her own body, a body copied and modeled by Scott Eaton and Sangeet Probhakar, anatomical artists and sculptors.

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After listing all the necessary modifications, the team created this amazing copy, a copy supposed to give us a glimpse of what the perfect female body would look like.

The body modeled by the team is indeed halfway between that of elves and Na’vi and it is thus endowed with large feline ears and large legs resembling those of ostriches. On top of that, she also changed the structure of her avatar’s eyes and lungs while rethinking how her heart and reproductive system work.

So, are you convinced?

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