This AI has predicted the outcome of the World Cup


Investment bank Goldman Sachs has used an AI to analyze a million possible combinations for the 2018 soccer World Cup. The machine has thus revealed its prediction on who is going to win the tournament.

A few days before the start of the football World Cup in Russia, predictions are being made on who has the highest chance of winning. American investment bank Goldman Sachs has made its own by entrusting to an algorithm of machine learning the task of determining the outcome of the competition.

Before revealing the results, here is how the program worked. Powered by data on teams and individual statistics of each player, it executed 200,000 models and simulated a million variations of the tournament to calculate the probability of advancement for each team.

Result: the IA of Goldman Sachs predicts that Saudi Arabia will create surprise out of the group stage, unlike Russia that will not cross this course. Spain and Argentina, in small form, would not pass the stage of the quarter-finals. England will also go in quarter but will be eliminated by Germany. As for France, it is supposed to face Brazil in the semifinals and lose the game.

The final will be played between Germany and Brazil. And it is the Sele├žao that will prevail, offering Brazil its sixth world title.The predictions are to be taken with a grain of salt. The algorithm has not taken into account many decisive factors that can radically change the outcome of the competition: the physical form of players, the vagaries of the refereeing, the cohesion of the team… Remember also that in 2002, Goldman Sachs had selected France, Italy, Spain and Argentina as favorites for the title. It was finally won by Brazil against Germany.

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