The symptoms of borderline personality disorder worsen during menstruation


According to a new US study, symptoms associated with borderline personality disorder would be more severe before and during menstruation in women.

In the United States, borderline personality disorder affects about 2.8% of the adult population according to the National Institute of Mental Health. These mood disorders are characterized by an alternation of depressive phases and exaltation phases, which cause significant disturbances, particularly in terms of emotions and behavior. borderline personality disorders can also be the cause of sleep disorders, addictions, cognitive disorders… and suicide attempts.

According to a new study conducted by the University of Illinois at Chicago, the symptoms associated with borderline personality disorder would worsen significantly in women during menstruation and one week before menstruation.

To reach this conclusion, the researchers (whose work was published in the journal Psychological Medicine) worked with a group of 310 women aged 18 to 45, including 17 volunteers with borderline personality disorder. Participants did not take medication or contraception. They were followed daily for 35 days.

Verdict? At the end of the observation, the researchers found that women with borderline personality disorder had, on average, more severe symptoms one week before and during menstruation: the severity of symptoms was increased by about 30%. Scientists explain this finding by a likely greater sensitivity to hormonal changes;  the volunteers with borderline personality disorder had “normal” hormonal levels.

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“This is an important discovery because we know that women with borderline personality disorder have a higher than average risk of suicide,” says Tory Eisenlohr-Moul, lead author of this work. During the premenstrual period and during menstruation, these women should therefore be followed more attentively by the medical profession. “

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