Mexico’s win against Germany caused an earthquake… literally

Mexico Germany Goal

Yesterday, Mexico created the sensation during its first game the 2018 World Cup in Russia by defeating Germany, the reigning world champion 1 – 0. And by scoring the winning goal of his team, Hirving Lozano has literally shaken his country.

A few days ago, former soccer superstar Maradona regretted that the organization of the 2026 World Cup was given to Mexico — as well as to the United States and Canada — fearing, among other things, a lack of fervor. However, based on the outcome of Mexico’s game with world champion Germany, Mr. Maradona might have to take those words back. Indeed, Mexico’s unexpected win, more precisely the emotions it caused, literally triggered in the country… a micro-earthquake.

It was about 11:35 am local time yesterday when at least two sensors from the Mexican seismic analysis and geological survey network, the Simmsa, recorded a micro-earthquake, which was later described on twitter as artificially-derived because the event is unrelated to the seismic activity of the Earth.

11:35 am was also the precise moment when, several thousand kilometers away, Hirving Lozano opened the scoring for his team in the 55th minute of the match against Germany, the defending champion. And it did not take more for Simmsa to attribute the phenomenon to the jumps of joy of the millions of Mexicans gathered in the heart of their capital to follow the game.

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Surprising as it may seem, the phenomenon is not particularly rare. It has already been observed around the Camp Nou – the football stadium of Barcelona – after goals scored by Lionel Messi among others.

Seismologists call “seismic noise” all the signals collected by their sensors and which are not of geological origin. There is a bit of everything, from the effects of winds to tree falls, to trains and also, sports events.

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