Máximo, the largest dinosaur ever discovered, to be exhibited at the Chicago Field Museum of Natural History


Máximo, the largest dinosaur discovered, will be exhibited in at the Field Museum of Natural History. The dino in question is  a giant long-necked herbivore, belonging to a group of dinosaurs called titanosaurs.

Máximo, the largest dinosaur discovered so far in the world, will be put on display in real size and in an environment similar to the area of ​​what is now the Argentine Patagonia, where he lived millions of years ago, in the Field Museum of Chicago from next June 15. The 121-foot-long dinosaur skeleton mold now occupies one-third of the Stanley Field Hall, the museum’s main hall, and its head peeks over the second-floor balcony, 28 feet high.

Máximo was a giant long-necked herbivore belonging to a group of dinosaurs called titanosaurs, and his mold is unique in the world.

Maximum will not be alone. Around it will be floating gardens and life-size replicas of a flock of gigantic flying reptiles, or pterosaurs, some of which have a wingspan of 31 feet, which is the length of a school bus. Along with the dinosaur mold will also be exposed some of its true bones, including a 7.8-foot-long femur.

Máximo’s rosy hue matches the color of the authentic fossils, which acquired that reddish hue due to the red clay soil where they were found, the statement said. Until the arrival of Máximo, the main attraction of the museum was SUE, a Tyrannosaurus Rex that was moved to a new gallery, where there will be a permanent exhibition created with other dinosaurs of the museum.

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Richard Lariviere, president of the museum, which has been renovated for its 125th anniversary, said in a statement that the new titanosaur “is immense and looks incredibly well at Stanley Field Hall, the perfect place to show the world’s largest dinosaur”.  Lariviere reported that Máximo’s mold, flying reptiles, floating gardens and scientific updates to SUE, cost $ 16.5 million that were donated by private organizations.

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