Giant canyons and mountains discovered in Antarctica


Antarctica is par excellence one of the most explored places in the history of mankind due to its vast territorial extension, as well as the immense amount of life systems that exist within it, however, not everything had been discovered.

Through a study conducted jointly by teams from the University of Northumbria and Newcastle, researchers managed to discover some enigmas and secrets that are still hidden under the ice of the frozen continent.

Under the use of radars capable of breaking the thickness of the ice, the explorers found mountain ranges and three large canyons. The largest of them has even the same length as that between Washington DC and New York.

These deep depressions extend for hundreds of miles, but they are not visible on the snowy surface of the Antarctic continent. Foundation Trough, the name given to the largest of the canyons revealed by the images, is more than 217 miles long and almost 21 wide.

The scientists explained that the surprise does not come from the fact of discovering the existence of a rugged geology under the ice, but by the dimensions of them that are much larger than expected.

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The research indicates that thanks to the underground mountain conditions, the increase of the level of the waters could be affected, since global warming can cause melting in the heart of the Antarctic

Andrei Santov

Andrei, a sociologist by profession, born in Russia but currently located in UK, covers mostly European and Russia-related news for The Talking Democrat.