This volcano spews blue lava, this is why


Throughout the world, nature shares with us day after day a great amount of incomparable spectacles that show us how wonderful the place where we live can be, and an example of these fascinating events can be found in Indonesia, where the Kawah Ijen volcano emits blue-colored lava.

Located in the province of East Java, this active stratovolcano provides this spectacle of blue tint thanks to the flames that are produced by sulfur gases.

Actually the lava itself is not blue, but the large amounts of pure sulfur expelled by the cracks of the volcano due to high pressure and high temperatures, come into contact with the oxygen in the air to combust and simulate this color.

Once outside and at the moment when the temperature begins to fall, these gases liquefy to create the gigantic rivers of blue lava that, incidentally, can reach up to 52 feet in height and finally flow into a lake formed inside the crater.

Despite the natural spectacle of these blue lava rivers that run down the slopes of the Kawah Ijen, they are known to be incredibly toxic, so special equipment is required to witness it.

The Kawah Ijen is not the only volcano that can present this type of spectacles, since it has also been observed in the Dallol of Ethiopia, also on the island Eolia of Vulcano and according to records even in Vesuvius.

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Carl Frantz

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