The moon indeed affects our sleep, research finds


The idea that the Moon influences the dreaming process of human beings has been held for a long time. However, only recently has it been possible to verify scientifically the veracity of this relationship.

One of the most conclusive studies on this topic was conducted by Christian Cajochen, of the Psychiatric Hospital of the University of Basel (Switzerland), in 2013, according to The Independent. The research showed that effectively “full moons were associated with longer times to fall asleep, reduced sleep efficiency, and less overall sleep time”.

The researchers obtained convincing data that allowed them to establish a real connection between the phases of the Moon and human sleep, when analyzing the sleep cycles of 33 adults during three years. The information acquired showed that sleep interruptions are greater when the Moon is fully visible. During the days leading up to this phase, it was discovered that melatonin levels began to decrease. In turn, the people studied said they felt less renewed the next day.

It was also found that “overall sleep time drops to its lowest levels – an average of 20 minutes less sleep – on nights with a full moon”.

Although the conclusions demonstrated the existence of a link between sleep and the moon, the reason for this connection is not yet known. However, all this information is a great first step in finding an accurate answer. Even if there is still nothing corroborated with accuracy, there are nonetheless some hypotheses. One of the most obvious states that due to the greater illumination of the Moon in this phase, the first men had greater difficulty in falling asleep.

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Although human beings now have houses and curtains with which to protect themselves from light when it comes to resting, the human physiological response to the full moon could have been transmitted to us from our ancestors.

Eric Thomas

Eric, originally from Nigeria, currently resides in Florida and covers a wide range of topics for The talking Democrat.