Scientists have created virtual hurricanes to prevent tragedies


The impact of a hurricane brings with it serious and profound consequences that represent, among other things, human losses, severe damage to infrastructure and a blow to the economies of the countries that are impacted.

Due to the catastrophe that these meteorological phenomena represent, scientists have to work to reduce their impacts as much as possible, or at least to prevent some eventualities at the time they arise.

In this way, a group of scientists from the Institute of Engineering of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), at the Sisal Academic Unit in Yucatan, in the southeast of the country, managed to generate synthetic hurricanes in order to identify the waves they produce.

The creation of these phenomena was achieved from numerical simulations by computers thanks to the studies carried out by Christian Mario Appendini Albrechtsen, in the Laboratory of Engineering and Coastal Processes of the Institute.

Through a communiqué, the UNAM announced that the research was able to reproduce some elements that the hurricanes contain in order to adjust and intensify them, and in this way gather the data that the simulation shows. Through the use of numerical models, different data were entered, such as wind characteristics, speed and power to obtain the wave conditions that the natural phenomenon will generate in its trajectory.

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The results showed that by obtaining this data, maps can be created to know exactly where the maximum swell will occur and thus prevent major tragedies.

Through this research work, the scientists pointed out that there is also the possibility of producing the impacts of hurricanes under a climate change scenario. The maximum conditions at the moment suggest 26-foot design waves, “but if we calculate the height of the design wave with a projection of climate change, the result is waves of up to 45 feet,” said Mario Appendini Albrechtsen.

For now, it was reported that for this year the hurricane season in the Atlantic area is quite active, although not like last year. The report includes 14 tropical storms this year, of which seven will become hurricanes, three of category 3 or stronger.

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