Researchers have discovered the oldest tattoos ever


Although tattoos are currently fashionable and designs are very varied, the reality is that it is an activity that began thousands of years ago, although the technique was different.

This is demonstrated by the findings of mummies with traces of marks or drawings on the skin, although the instruments with which they were made have been difficult to find, at least until now.

An archaeologist of the Tennessee Division of Archeology made the important discovery in a complex of tombs of Native Americans. It is a series of bones about 3,600 years old, which are the oldest tattoo kit known to date.


Although the discovery occurred in 1985, during all these years the use of these tools found along with arrowheads and spears was unknown, as revealed by the IFL Science site.

It was until now when the archaeologist Aaron Deter-Wolf, very interested in the world of tattoos, raised the idea that they could be tools used to make the drawings on the skin. An idea that was confirmed when some analysis discovered traces of colored pigments in the tip of these bones.

It should be noted that the oldest known tattoos are those that have appeared in the remains of the so-called Man of Ötzi, whose age is over 5,000 years, although they are trademarks that lack known meaning.

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