Moon dust can damage cell DNA, causing mutations and cancer

Moon Exploration

Unusual. Moon dust can damage cell DNA, cause mutations and cause cancer.

Scientists from Stony Brook University (New York State, USA) indicated that lunar dust can be deadly for humans, it can even cause cancer and genetic alterations.

The researchers concluded that about 90% of the human lung cells and laboratory mouse neurons used in their experiment died when exposed with particles that form the dust layer of the Moon.

The experiments were carried out last year on Earth, using simulated soils, composed of the same particles as the original ones. However, even in small amounts, the lunar dust is toxic and potentially deadly, the study revealed, the results of which is published in the journal GeoHealth.

As we know the moon has no atmosphere so it is in constant contact with particles from the upper layers of the Sun.

Investigations revealed that the lunar dust killed the cells of the human lungs with such “efficiency” that the researchers could not even estimate the damage to the DNA. Meanwhile, mouse neurons not only died en masse, but also underwent significant genetic changes.

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