Asteroids could end life on Earth

In a particularly alarming report, experts say that many asteroids are en route to Earth and that a large part of them will not be detected by telescopes.

Sixty-five million years later, will we suffer the same fate as the dinosaurs? Will the undivided reign of humans on Earth come to an end because the sky will have fallen on our heads? Without falling into sensationalism, scientists from the B612 foundation say that asteroids will hit our beautiful planet. The B612 Foundation, based in the United States, is made up of former astronauts and scientists, who work to “protect the Earth from asteroid impacts.”

According to these experts, 18,000 asteroids are currently under surveillance. The problem is that a much larger amount of them are undetectable, and therefore quite unpredictable.

“The field of view of the telescopes is very small, and the sky is very big,” says B612 president Danica Remy to “We can determine in advance now if any of the 18,000 asteroids we’ve seen are going to hit us, but we can not know if one of the millions of asteroids we have not seen is on the Earth’s trajectory, even with a telescope observation,” she feared.

And the scientist asserts that Earth will be hit by an asteroid. “It’s 100% sure, but we’re not sure yet of the date.”

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Danica Remy therefore calls for prevention, and this obviously means more investment in the sector. “Currently, our discoveries are slow: we detect about 1,000 asteroids a year and we want to increase this discovery rate to 100,000 per year, but we do not have the space instruments or telescopes to do it,” she says. . “We have to find them before they fall on us,” the scientist urges.

In early April, NASA admitted that thousands of deadly asteroids have not yet been detected.

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