This woman had a cockroach in her ear for 9 days


Doctors have extracted a cockroach from a woman’s ear. It had been there for more than a week.

Katie Holley, an American woman from Florida, woke up with a surprise she would have rather not get. Looking at her left ear closely, she discovered two small legs coming out. A cockroach in all its splendor had lodged in her ear while she slept. Her husband, wanting to help, could only remove a few parts of the animal’s body with tweezers.

Katie Holley then went to a doctor while the insect continued to wiggle in her ear. Even worse, the bug was trying to get even deeper into the poor woman’s ear canal. The doctor could only extract parts of it.

Nine days later, Katie started to feel pain and lost hearing in that particular ear. This led her to return to her doctor who removed six more pieces of the carcass of the insect.

Later in the day, a specialist managed to remove the entire head, upper torso, remaining limbs, the antennas of the cockroach.

“He told me that he removes insects from people’s ears at least once a month and that I was the second person who needed him that day,” says the patient to SELF magazine.

For Professor Coby Schal of North Carolina State University, who studies insects, “it’s not uncommon to have a cockroach in your ear.”

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Roaches seek food everywhere “and cerumen may please them.”

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