This fertility doctor used his own sperm to inseminate his patients


It’s an “immense breach of trust”, a “rape” for some. Eleven women filed a class action against a former fertility doctor in Ottawa, Canada. Dr. Norman Barwin is believed to have used his own sperm, rather than that of the father or intended donor, to inseminate his patients and get them pregnant.

According to a statement from an Ottawa law firm, the class action initially involved two patients, but since it was announced in the fall of 2016, nine other plaintiffs have joined the action, says Radio Canada.

The case began when the parents of Rebecca Dixon, born in 1989 after an artificial insemination at Dr. Barwin’s clinic, performed a DNA test to understand why their daughter had brown eyes while theirs were blue.

The analysis showed that Rebecca was 60% Jewish. Nothing to do with her family. On the other hand, the Dixons realized that Dr. Norman Barwin was a well-known member of Ottawa’s Jewish community.

By comparing DNA on a genealogy website, Rebecca Dixon also learned that she had at least one half-sister, Kat Palmer. To the latter, Norman Barwin confessed in an email sent in October 2015 that he was her biological father.

Canadian justice has not yet decided whether to prosecute the doctor. But according to the Guardian, 51 people, whose DNA has nothing to do with their father, have made themselves known.

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Noman Barwin stopped practicing in 2012 and left the College of Physicians of Canada in 2014, reports Radio Canada.

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