There is no gender-based difference in post heart attacks death rates

Heart Attacks

It’s a medical mystery that researchers have been trying to explain for years. Several studies over the years have shown a higher mortality rate for women after a heart attack. Different studies have proposed different hypothesis for the gender-related discrepancy, but so far there has not been a definitive answer.

In 2010, a study conducted in France and presented during the annual conference of the American College of Cardiology had concluded that women die significantly more than men of cardiovascular disease because they rarely benefit from the examinations and treatments applied systematically to men. In 2017, another study published in PLOS and reported by the New York Times, argued that higher stress levels and depression in women were behind the difference in death rates.

However, according to a recent study by the German Center for Cardiovascular Research, a lack of adequate treatments, depression or stress would not be the cause. In fact, there may not be any difference at all. The result show that considering age and risk factors, women do not have higher mortality rates after a heart attack than men. Even with acute therapy, there were no differences.

In their analysis, the German scientists analyzed data from 8,938 women and 23,241 men. The two groups differed statistically significantly in numerous variables. Hospital mortality also varied: it was 10.8 percent for women and 7.1 percent for men. “The difference in mortality can be explained to a large extent by the age difference between women and men.With regard to the procedures carried out in the clinics, there were no differences between the two sexes,” says study leader Kurt Bestehorn from the Institute of Clinical Pharmacology of the TU Dresden Result together.

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