The is how the universe will end according to a new study


Ironically, the famous “God particle”, scientifically named Higgs boson, could one day cause the complete destruction of our Universe, according to a study by researchers at Harvard University.

A negative energy bubble could cause the collapse of our Universe, warn researchers at Harvard University cited by New Scientists. Still according to them, it is likely that the process of destruction of the Universe has already begun.

According to the scientists, the end of our Universe could prove as “absurd” and spontaneous as its birth. The collision with a ball of negative energy that would be produced by the famous Higgs boson will suffice to end its existence.

The Higgs boson is also called “the God particle”. The researchers thus see a kind of irony in that the fundamental particle that gives a mass to all the matter contained in the Universe is also capable of one day causing the complete destruction of the latter.

The standard model of elementary particles is based on a prolonged and progressive disappearance of the Universe. However, it is still likely that our world can disappear much faster. What’s more, this process may have already begun when interacting with a black hole, say the researchers.

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