Smokers consume more calories than nonsmokers


Smokers would have an unbalanced diet and consume 200 more calories a day than nonsmokers. According to a study published in the medical journal BMC Public Health, cigarette smokers consume about 200 more calories per day than non-smokers or former smokers.

To reach this conclusion, the researchers analyzed the diet of 5,293 individuals to understand the impact of smoking on nutritional quality and the number of calories consumed. Dietary data used in the study were based on the participants’ reports of their dietary habits. Mean dietary energy density (kcal/g) was calculated after adjusting for age, sex, race, education level, socioeconomic status, energy density of beverages, physical activity and BMI.

The researchers found that people who had never smoked in their lifetime ate about 1.79 calories per gram of food. Daily smokers on the other hand consumed 2.02 kcal/g. Occasional smokers ate 1.89 kcal / g. The scientists also found that former smokers consumed more calories per gram of food (1.84 kcal/g) than those who had never smoked, but that the dietary energy density of former smokers was still significantly lower than that of current smokers.

According to the results of the study, cigarette smokers have a calorie intake of more than 200 calories than non-smokers per day even though they eat in smaller portions than non-smokers or former smokers. The difference may be in the type and quality of food eaten by smokers according to the researchers.

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Indeed, the study also showed that smokers’ diets were low in fruits and vegetables, which meant that their vitamin C intake was likely to be lower. This deficiency could potentially expose smokers to an additional risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer, which is a major public health problem.

Sarah Ali

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