Rodrigo Koxa certified as the record holder for biggest wave ever surfed


In extreme sport, the world record of the biggest wave ever surfed has just been officially defeated announced Sunday, April 29, the World Surf League. An extraordinary performance by Brazil’s Rodrigo Koxa.

Twenty-four meters and thirty-eight centimeters, it is the equivalent of an eight-storey building that managed to tame the Brazilian Rodrigo Koxa on November 8th. The record was formalized in California at the Big Wave Awards, an annual meeting of the world’s top surfers.

The wave was surfed in the canyon of Nazaré, a small Portuguese fishing port and already the theater of the previous record held by the American Garett McNamara since 2011. The place has been attracting surfers from all over the world for its waves for some years. Majestic, as they are described, these waves can be amazingly big, especially in early winter when the swell is particularly heights.

The American Garett McNamara is proud of his successor because the two men know each other well. Twelve years younger than McNamara, Rodrigo Koxa, who is 38 years old, has even lived in the same house as his predecessor and received many of his advice while he was training in Hawaii.

With a wave greater than sixty centimeters, the student has passed the master.

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Abbad Farid

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