Millennials love plastic surgery


Nearly 40% of millennials have undergone surgery or have considered cosmetic surgery over the past 12 months according to a survey conducted by the platform Zalea, which is dedicated to cosmetic surgery.

“This young generation seems, by far, to express a greater acceptance of aesthetic procedures than previous generations,” says Zalea co-founder Louis Scafuri in a statement. “The survey indicates that these operations are more and more socially acceptable. Millennials are connoisseurs and have very specific expectations, especially in terms of non-invasive surgery. Professionals must be aware.”

As for these famous professionals, millennials would prefer to entrust their bodies to dermatologists and plastic surgeons (85% and 75%, respectively). Obstetrician, gynecologists and family physicians follow closely (at 67%). The general reputation of the physician (90%) counts more than the opinions published by patients (84%). The waiting time before care is also important for millennials (30% of respondents agree to wait a week, 55% say they are ready to wait two weeks).

Of the respondents who say that they have had an operation or are preparing to undergo an operation, 75% say they give credit to the opinions and advice offered by family, friends and doctors. While nearly 50% trust Google searches, only 10% admit that their decision to go through cosmetic surgery is motivated by the example of a celebrity.

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A poll released last month by the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery showed that the number of cosmetic surgery cases was on the rise in the United States.

Paige Driessen

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