Measles is making a comeback in Latin America


Latin America was declared free of measles two years ago. Now the disease is back. One reason: in Venezuela, the extreme shortages of drugs and the lack of adequate treatment are causing the disease to spread faster than ever.

According to human rights activists, at least 54 children have died from measles in Venezuela since the beginning of the year. “We are calling for a health emergency,” said non-governmental organization Kape Kape recently. Six children had recently died of the disease, since January a total of 54.

Children of a Native American tribe in a remote jungle region in eastern Venezuela are affected. There are no drugs in the Delta Amacuro area. “There is nothing the doctors and nurses can do,” said a representative of the human rights organization.

Latin America was declared free of measles in 2016. In March, however, the Pan-American health organization reported a massive outbreak in Venezuela. Another measles epidemic was reported in Brazil, all cases were brought from Venezuela to the country.

Measles is a highly contagious infectious disease affecting mainly children. With a vaccine , the disease can be prevented. Due to the severe economic crisis as a result of political instability in Venezuela, in addition to chronic food shortages, the disease is making a surprising comeback.

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Sarah Ali

Sarah is currently pursuing a degree in Pharmacology at the University of Florida. She focuses on health news and tips for The Talking Democrat.