Marijuana use decreases cognitive functions in teenagers

According to a recently published study, frequent Marijuana use, particularly among teenagers and young adults, disrupts cognitive functions. Fortunately, these effects are reversible after a few days of abstinence.

Since last January, recreational cannabis has been legal in California. As more and more states are beginning to allow it to be used for both recreational and medical purposes, researchers around the country are trying to determine the physical and mental consequences of Marijuana use.

Today, eight US states have legalized the use of recreational cannabis. This new study, published in the journal JAMA Psychiatry, analyzes the consequences of regular cannabis use on cognitive functions in adolescents and young adults.

A slight reduction in cognitive functions

The researchers in the study performed a meta-analysis, that is, they analyzed the results of 69 studies based on cognitive tests published between 1973 and 2017. These involved 2152 users of cannabis and 6575 other people who consumed very little.

The researchers found that young people who regularly consume cannabis actually see their cognitive function decrease. Cognitive functions include memory, language, reasoning, learning, decision making, and attention.

But this decrease is small. In contrast, recent studies have shown that in adolescence, cannabis use has a much greater impact on the brain.

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Abstinence reverses the trend

The results obtained by the researchers also show that it is possible to reverse the trend. Indeed, with an abstinence that exceeds seventy-two hours, or three days, cognitive functions are restored.

On the other hand, the researchers specify that in these studies, certain elements are not taken into account. Like, for example, the consumption of psychoactive substances. The latter can also increase the risks

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