Man ends up in emergency room after eating world’s strongest pepper


Extremely painful migraines can be caused by the consumption of the world’s strongest pepper, the Carolina Reaper.

Participating in a hot pepper contest can have unintended consequences, according to the results of a study published in the journal BMJ. A 34-year-old man ended up in the emergency room with excruciatingly painful migraines after eating a Carolina Reaper, the world’s strongest pepper. On the scale of Scoville (which measures the strength of peppers), a Carolina Reaper averages more than 1.6 million. The JalapeƱo pepper, for example, is positioned around 2,000.

His symptoms began immediately after he consumed the food. He first had convulsions to vomit. Then he developed severe neck pain and painful headaches that lasted a few seconds.

The young man was suffering so much that he had to go to the emergency room where he underwent neurological tests. No pathology or aneurysm has been discovered.

On the other hand, the doctors observed a reversible cerebral vasoconstriction syndrome, consisting of a temporary narrowing of the blood vessels of the head.

“This is the first time a pepper has caused this effect,” say the authors of the study. “This syndrome, often the cause of terrible migraines, usually occurs after taking certain drugs, which was a big surprise for,” commented one of the authors of the study, Kulothungan Gunasekaran doctor at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit.

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