Long-lost Nazi submarine found off the cost of Denmark

The Nazi submarines used during the Second World War stood out for their speed. According to Gert Normann Andersen, director of the Seekriegs-Museum Jutland, these ships were at the forefront of technology and well ahead of their time. These claims will soon be proven by the study of the remains of a German submarine that ran aground around the Skagerrak Passage in Denmark.

At 76 meters long and 6.6 meters wide, the U3523 did not go unnoticed. The wreck finished its course at 123 meters deep, in a most original position. The bow sank into the sand while its tail remained 20 meters above the ground.

This submarine is special and it is one of the most advanced ships of the time of the Second World War.

Like the U3523, the Nazi submarines were real weapons of war. The wreck that was discovered off the coast of Denmark includes six torpedo tubes and ultra-powerful electric motors. Despite these advanced technologies, spare parts were missing during the war.

With a crew of 58 men, Lieutenant Willi Müller tried to reach Norway. Unfortunately for him, the submarine was spotted by a British bomber B-24 Liberator on May 6, 1945, around noon. It was spotted again and later shelled later that evening.

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That same day, the Allied forces liberated Denmark from the grip of the Nazis.

The U3523 was mainly used for training off Wilhelmshave. The city housed a German naval base that was ideally positioned for secret missions. Initially, 118 submarines of this type had been ordered, but the Nazis could only have two ships.

In addition to the wreckage found off Denmark, a submarine of this type is kept at the Deutsches Schiffahrtsmuseum in Bremerhaven, Lower Saxony. Rumors about the U3523 are numerous. Some claim that senior German officials had planned to flee to South America.

They would have embarked gold ingots and works of art aboard the submersible. The U3523 has not yet delivered all its secrets!

Andrei Santov

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