Living near a fast food restaurant is bad for the heart


According to a new Dutch study, it is not good to live near a fast food restaurant. Having one or more fast food chains within 3 kilometers of one’s home would increase the risk of cardiovascular disease by 13% to 17%.

To protect one’s heart, it is better to live far from a fast food, according to a new study published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology.

After tracking 2,472,004 adults aged 35 and over who had lived at the same address for at least 15 years, the study shows an impact between living near one or more fast food restaurants and the development of cardiovascular illnesses. The distances studied were between 500 meters to 3 kilometers.

An increased risk of coronary insufficiency

According to the results, the risk of coronary insufficiency would be higher among urban residents who had one or more fast-food restaurants 500 meters from their home. This risk was about 13% higher if they lived 500 meters from two fast-food restaurants. For individuals who lived within one kilometer of 5 or more fast food places had an increased risk of 17%, according to the study.

Beyond 3 kilometers and in rural areas, the association was less pronounced, says the study.

Food choices influenced by our environment

The authors warn about the influence of the food environment on health: the type of food available in urban and residential areas influences food choices, warns Dr. Poelman, author of the study.

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Thus, the regulation of the location and density of fast food restaurants should be considered, according to the European recommendations on the prevention of cardiovascular disease. “We can encourage people to buy healthy products if we create an environment where it is the default choice,” concludes the researcher.

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