China plans to build a scientific base on the Moon

Moon Exploration

The race to conquer the moon is hitting. With the US government actively planing yo go back to the moon, countries like China and Russia are always gearing up to send missions to our natural satellite.

Indeed, China’s government recently announced that it wants to colonize the moon by building a habitable scientific base on the Moon in the coming years in order to investigate the exploitation of natural resources and collect information for possible similar missions to Mars, the official newspaper China Daily reports.

In the framework of China’s Space Day, a prototype of the lunar base of the Asian country was shown, with several interconnected cabins in which a breathable atmosphere has been recreated with facilities that use solar energy.

China had already sent projects to install a base on the Moon, all operated by robots. In this way, this will be the first initiative conceived with astronauts, according to the scientist Wang Liheng of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

Although the date on which the base will be operational has not been specified, the Chinese authorities have indicated their intention to send astronauts in the mid-2030s.

The space plan released details that Beijing is interested in exploring the lunar poles. In addition, an inhabited base is necessary to deepen research for future space missions, including missions to Mars.

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The Chinese space program sent Chang E 1, its first moon probe, in 2007. In 2013 it achieved its first moon landing with the Chang E 3, missions that have not been manned. At the end of this year, China plans to send the Chang E 4, which could be the first man-made machine that will land on the dark side of the Moon.

Next year it will send Chang E 5, which should be able to return to Earth with samples taken from the Moon.

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