A cat is born with two faces in Canada


In Canada, a kitten is born with two faces. This congenital malformation puts its life in great danger.

“Kitty has given birth, but there is a little problem,” wrote on her Facebook page the Canadian Anik Chenard. The worry is that her cat has given birth to a little kitten… but the latter has two faces!

The kitten, born on March 2, 2018 in Drummondville, a town located in the province of Quebec, has very clearly 4 eyes and two noses. Interviewed, Anik Chenard indicates that she will go to a veterinarian as soon as possible to have the kitten and her mother examined.

She is worried that other cubs are stuck in the womb of the cat but she also fears for the life of the kitten. The latter meows and moves but does not seem able to eat.

Cats suffering from this malformation are often named “Janus”, in reference to the eponymous god of Roman mythology. This god of passage and calends (at the origin of the month of “January”) is indeed represented with two heads, because it is at the same time the one that opens the doors (especially of the month) and the one that closes them.

Unfortunately, these animals generally have a very short life expectancy: they rarely reach their first year. In question, serious neurological life-threatening disorders due to the malformation of their brain.

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However, sometimes the mother, aware of the weakness of her offspring, sometimes kills it, or just abandon it.

But if the brain is not affected, the animal can survive for several years. Frank and Louie is the proof: this double-headed feline lived to the very honorable age of 15, finally succumbing to cancer.

Emy Torres

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