1 in 8 bird species is threatened with extinction

According to a report by the NGO Birdlife International, many bird species are in decline and 1 out of 8 would be globally threatened with extinction.

The NGO Birdlife International paints an alarming situation in its report titled State of of the World’s Birds. According to the document, the result of a five-year work, 40% of the some 11,000 known bird species are on the decline. In addition, 1 species out of 8 would be threatened with extinction according to the NGO, specialized in the protection of birds. The Snowy Owl (Bubo scandiacus), the Atlantic Puffin (Fratercula arctica), and the Turtle Dove (Streptopelia turtur) are some of these globally endangered species. And this is not only alarming for these animals but for the whole planet, says Birdlife International.

“The health of bird species is a good measure of the state of ecosystems in general,” the organization said in a statement released April 23, 2018.

Because birds are widespread, they can be found in virtually all types of ecosystems and being one of the most studied groups of animals, they are an excellent indicator of the state of the environment “.

Agriculture largely responsible for the decline of birds

What threatens these animals? Tris Allinson, editor-in-chief of the report, has no doubt: “The threats that lead to avian extinction are many and varied, but are invariably the fruit of humanity. One of the major reasons for this ecological crisis is undoubtedly the expansion and intensification of agriculture,” she explains.

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According to Birdlife International, Agriculture affects 74% of threatened species.

All is not lost

But fortunately, all is not lost: at least 25 species of birds have been saved from extinction thanks to conservation measures during the last decades. According to Birdlife International, this is all evidence that these methods work. Restoration of habitats, control of invasive species… the preservation of birds requires a variety of approaches. But they must be put in place.

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