What you should not eat at night

what to eat at night

In order not to gain weight or enjoy a peaceful sleep, it is necessary to monitor the food you eat before heading to bed. Indeed, the contents of your dinner plate affect the quality of your sleep and… your waistline! In the evening, the body in fact tends to store fat. Here are some dishes to avoid!

Go light

In the evening, the body will store the fats and even turn sugar into fat around the belly, hips and buttocks. This happens because the body does not need a lot of energy during sleep. Furthermore, when you eat too much fat, digestion becomes difficult and can disturb your rest: spasms, cramps, gas, acidity, nocturnal awakenings . It is therefore recommended to eat little and avoid having a heavy belly. It is even advisable to finish your dinner with a little hunger.

Also try to have dinner at least two hours before going to bed. Digestion will be well started and this habit can significantly reduce stomach acidity and other gastric reflux.

Avoid dishes that are too fat, too salty

In the evening, no question of eating fried foods (fries, nuggets, chips, spring rolls). Similarly, cold cuts, red meats – very high in protein – and cheeses should be avoided during dinner to avoid working the stomach at night and store fat.

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Another advice, on the side of the fish. Fatty fish (sardines, mackerel, salmon) are good for your health but, once again, much too fat for the evening. Choose the so-called lean fish: hake, cod, etc. Also avoid pizzas and pasta, high in gluten and therefore difficult to digest.

Beware of sweet foods

Desserts … It’s hard to do without! In the evening, if you really want to finish on a sweet note, why not opt ​​for a herbal tea (chamomile or linden) flavored with honey? The latter will guarantee a peaceful sleep and a truly restful rest.

Finally, be aware that ice creams are to be banned at dinner. They turn into fat and make you fat. Sorbet is less fat, better for health, but do not overdo it, it’s very sweet. Latest advice? Avoid alcohol, coffee, white bread, dairy products and chocolate (except black and strong in cocoa). All of these efforts will help keep you connected and bring benefits to the whole body, try it!

Emy Torres

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