Some e-cigarette aromas are more toxic than others

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Researchers in North Carolina have developed a new technique for identifying the toxicity of electronic cigarette e-liquids. Conclusion: some perfumes are more toxic than others.

Mint, strawberry, candy floss or mojito… There are thousands of flavors of e-liquids. Researchers at the UNC School of Medicine in North Carolina have developed a technique to detect the toxicity of more than 7,700 types of fragrances. According to their results published in PLoS Biology, some flavors are more toxic than others.

Especially toxic vanilla and cinnamon

The technique developed by the researchers is based on a standard toxicological approach. Human cells are exposed to different e-liquids. The more these products reduce the growth rate of cells, the more toxic they are.

As part of this study, researchers analyzed 148 products. Ingredients, such as tastes, vary greatly from one product to another. Two ingredients in particular are dangerous according to the conclusions of the study: vanillin (vanilla flavor) and cinnamaldehyde (cinnamon flavor), often used in e-liquids.

Attention to basic ingredients

But it’s not just the aromas that are toxic. There are two basic ingredients in e-liquid, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. They are considered non-dangerous when they are administered orally. But with the electronic cigarette, these are inhaled.

The researchers found that even in the absence of nicotine or aroma, these two ingredients significantly reduced cell growth during the test. To facilitate the dissemination of their results, the team has created a database, available on the internet. You can use it to find out the rate of toxicity of certain e-liquids.

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