Russian tourist gives birth in the Red Sea, the images are fascinating!

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These photos show the incredible moment when a Russian tourist gave birth in the Red Sea in Egypt. This birth in the water was planned and she traveled especially to this seaside resort to be able to give birth to her baby in the sea. Hadia Hosny El Said is the author of the photographs taken from the balcony of her uncle in Dahab , north of Sharm el-Sheikh. You can see the father with an older gentleman, get out of the water with the baby. According to Hadia, the older man would be a doctor specialized in this kind of delivery. As for the mother, she just emerged from the water as if she had just taken a small plunge. Seeing her postpartum body, hard to believe she just gave birth to a baby.

When Hadia posted the photos on Facebook, they were shared more than 2000 times in a few hours and attracted many comments. The identity of the mother has not been revealed, nor the state of health of the child. Both seemed in any case happy and healthy.

According to experts, there would be some benefits (especially for the expectant mother) to give birth in water. For those who wonder if the baby is at risk of drowning, the answer is no.

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Indeed, once out of her mother’s womb and even immersed under water, the baby receives oxygen via the umbilical cord. His breathing reflex starts only when he comes in contact with the air on his skin and the difference in temperature when he comes into the world. For more comfort, mothers are generally advised to give birth in water at 37 ° C (body temperature). Beyond that temperature would be dangerous for the baby, and below, a little less pleasant for the mother, but the water itself poses no risk for the newborn.

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