Researchers have discovered in Africa the remains of the largest lions ever known

Gigantic Ancient Lions Discovered

The lion, as one of the most fascinating and majestic species of the animal kingdom, is commonly described as the king of the forest, and now this new discovery made by a group of scientists in Africa makes it possible to understand why.

After a series of excavations that were carried out in Kenya, the fossil remains of the largest known lions ever known were found. The impressive find was revealed through a publication in the Journal of Paleontology.

The scientists who conducted the research in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčNatodomeri, in the north of the African country, said they could register skulls of lions of an age close to 200,000 years. Coupled with this, the publication indicates that the size of the skulls of these lions is on average 15 inches greater than that of modern lions, a fact that represents never before registered dimensions in any variety of this living or dead mammal known to date.

Thanks to these bone measurements, the researchers were able to calculate that the approximate size of these animals ranged between 8.2 feet from the nose to the base of the tail, and they weighed 507 pounds.

The discovery allowed scientists to pose a new hypothesis about the growth of these mammals at that time, since, according to records, the biggest animals were those that lived closest to the poles. Thanks to the prehistoric remains found in northern Europe, which researchers say resemble a lot in structure and morphology to others that have been found in Africa, specialists believe that these giant lions are not the direct ancestor of their modern relatives, but rather a subspecies that became extinct.

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Andrei Santov

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