Regular meditation slows down cognitive decline in the elderly

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It’s well-known: Mindfulness meditation is excellent for health. According to a new US study, it would even slow down cognitive decline among seniors.

Mindfulness meditation is on the rise. Inspired by Asian philosophies, this discipline would have many health benefits: it would help us fight against our addictions, repel our dark thoughts, limit stress and pain, reduce our cardiovascular risk.

According to a new study conducted by the University of Miami and published in the Journal of Cognitive Enhancement, meditating regularly would also delay cognitive decline in seniors by boosting their attention and concentration on a daily basis.

To reach this conclusion, the researchers followed volunteers for 7 years: in 2011, the latter (whose average age was 48 at the time) were invited to take an introductory mindfulness lessons for 3 months. They were then encouraged to continue to meditate regularly each day.

A positive impact on cognitive decline

The verdict? In 2018 (7 years after the experience), volunteers who continued to meditate regularly after their placement had a lower cognitive decline than the others: their attention and concentration, in particular, were better than average.

“We believe that mindfulness meditation is a valuable tool for slowing down brain aging in the elderly,” says Anthony Zanesco, lead author of this study. It is not necessary to practice intensively: a few minutes a day are enough to obtain satisfactory results. It is an easy routine to adopt everyday, accessible to all and really beneficial. When do we start?

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