Fossilized tooth of a giant prehistoric shark discovered in Cuba

Prehistoric Shark Tooth

A fossilized tooth of 5.5 centimeters long and 4 centimeters wide, belonging to a giant prehistoric shark, was found during the excavation of a well in a town in central Cuba, where several of these findings are recorded, according to official reports.

The incisor, found in Rodas (province of Cienfuegos), is in a good state of conservation and it is believed that it belonged to a very young specimen of Carcharodon Megalodon, a giant shark that inhabited the seas of the Cuban archipelago millions of years ago that could reach 18 meters long.

This animal in particular had to measure about seven meters, the specialist of the Cuban Society of Geology, Carlos Rafael Borges, specified to the state newspaper Granma.

The discovery was made four meters deep, while a young Cienfuegos man Yuri Alonso was digging a wellbore.

Alonso handed it over to a local engineer, who in turn passed it on to the team of experts that travel around the town looking for other similar specimens. After the analysis, it was found that the rocks in which the fossil was found are of marine origin and belong to the Colón formation, some 23 million years old, said Borges.

Last November, specialists from Cienfuegos announced the discovery, also in Rodas, of a group of teeth from several prehistoric shark species, although none were from Megalodon.

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According to a census conducted in 2013, 3,268 aboriginal archaeological sites have been registered in the country — from ceremonial caves with rock art to cemeteries or lithic workshops — of which more than 1,800 were unregistered at that time.

Despite the interest and work of the Cuban experts, the Speleological Society of Cuba estimates that 60% of the 304 rock art sites registered until 2017 have no patrimonial protection and 31% are outside the boundaries of the Protected areas on the island.

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