Mike Hughes flies above homemade rocket to prove that the Earth is flat

Mike Hughes

Mike Hughes, a 61-year-old Californian man, follower of the Flat-Earth theory, built his own rocket and flew aboard  it on Saturday, reaching 570m altitude before falling back to the ground. Fortunately, he escaped (almost) unscathed.

He may be four months behind the original schedule, but he did! On Saturday, March 24, 2017, “Mad Mike” Hughes, as he is nicknamed, flew to almost 570 meters of altitude in his homemade rocket before returning to the ground safe and sound thanks to parachutes.

“I’m tired of hearing people say I’m deflated and I did not even build a rocket, I’m fed up, now I’ve done it, I’ve done it,” he said according to the HuffPost. Initially, Hughes was to launch his rocket in November 2017, but he encountered some mechanical and legal problems since the Office of Management of the American Territory has simply forbidden him to take off. On  social networks, many Internet users had then questioned his ability to carry out the project.

Mike Hughes’ assistant says that he reached the speed of 560 km/h during his flight. His rocket took off from a motorhome transformed into a launching pad. On landing, the amateur astronaut would have injured his back, but nothing serious.

If he maintains that the Earth is flat, Hughes denied wanting to prove this theory with this rocket, as the Washington Post indicated in November 2017. It would be only a first step; his ultimate goal is to go into space with a balloon filled with gas that would rise to 110 km high before launching another rocket, already called “Rockoon”.

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For Mike Hughes, NASA, led by Freemasons supporters of the idea of a Round Earth, is not telling the truth, like Elon Musk and SpaceX, who make “fake rockets”. But fortunately for us, this Californian limousine driver and 61-year-old astronaut apprentice does not skimp on the means to restore THE truth.

The budding astronaut is not on his first try. In 2014, he had already flown aboard a rocket of his design. The craft had risen 15 meters above the ground before exploding. He had escaped thanks to his parachute.

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