According to science, rich people don’t care about others

Rich People

According to researchers, having money changes our behavior and the way we observe and approach the world around us. How is this possible?

Obviously, we know that no one is able to pay attention to every detail of what is happening on our planet: it is a phenomenal amount of information that our brain would be unable to assimilate. On the other hand, some try to make some effort, even a glance or a smile for someone else.

It may well be that having money can change our way of being and our ability to pay attention to others – and even more to their problems. This conclusion was made by a study conducted by New York University published in the journal Psychological Sciences in 2016.

About 60 people wearing  Google Glass were asked to walk on a New York sidewalk. According to the observations, wealthy people look less at others than people from other social classes, as Quartz recalls.

“Online, on-the-ground and in-lab studies all lead to the same conclusion: the rich care less about others than other social classes,” said Pia Dietze, the leading researcher.

There is more research showing that money can impact our ability to be compassionate to others. For example, in 2012, a study conducted at the University of Berkeley (United States) showed that the wealthiest students were less able to empathize than other study participants when watching a video showing children with cancer.

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At the time relayed in New York Magazine, the results of research conducted by psychology teacher Daniel Keltner have an explanation. According to the conclusion, rich people can employ other people and pay for a service rather than ask others for help, for example. Thus there ois a lack of social life, especially with one’s neighbors or others.

Eid Lee

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