A letter written by Albert Einstein sold for over 100,000 dollars at auction

Albert Einstein 1

A letter written by Albert Einstein, the famous physicist, has just been auctioned on Tuesday, March 6 in Jerusalem (Israel), for $ 103,700. The buyer has chosen to remain anonymous.

He is known as one of the great scientific minds of the twentieth century. A few months ago, Albert Einstein made headlines for his advice on how to live a happy life. The relativity theorist had indeed written a note on this subject in 1922, while staying in Japan to give lectures. Last October, the paper was auctioned for $ 1.3 million. But today, back to physics.

Written in German, this handwritten letter sent by Albert Einstein in 1928 from Berlin to a colleague mathematician evokes the theory of gravitation – the formalization of the “Third stage of the theory of relativity”. The letter has just been auctioned for more than $100,000 this week in Jerusalem.

Other letters, but also autographs and photos of the famous physicist have also been sold for several thousand dollars. “These letters reveal the complex personality of the great scientist,” says the director of the auction house Gal Wiener.

The letter was written during one of the “most exciting and feverish periods in Einstein’s scientific career,” as he worked to develop one of the major scientific breakthroughs of the last century.

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Recall that Albert Einstein, who refused to become the first president of the State of Israel, was the non-resident governor of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem until his death in 1955. His archives are accessible to researchers on the campus of the university. The latter has the famous manuscript of the theory of relativity.

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