Indian man with 4-pound head tumor successfully operated on


3Indian surgeons announced Thursday that they have successfully operated what could be the largest brain tumor in the world – nearly 4 pounds. A mass so big that the patient seemed to have “two heads”, the report says.

For several years, 31-year-old Santlal Pal had had a tumor in his head. It’s now ancient history. The largest brain tumor ever operated on has indeed been successfully removed by Indian surgeons, during an intensive operation of more than six hours on Valentine’s Day. According to the doctors at the BYL Nair Hospital in Bombay where he was operated on, the tumor was so big and prominent that “he seemed to have two heads one above the other”.

“It was an extremely impressive and difficult intervention,” head of the neurosurgery department Trimurti Nadkarni told journalists. The operation would have lasted a total of seven hours, requiring the use of 11 blood bags. He also remained on a respirator for three days. The tumor weighed exactly 3.9 pounds – the previous record was a 3 pounds tumor.

The patient is doing very well today, moving and eating normally, and should soon recover all his sensory functions: “Before the intervention, the patient had a very weakened vision, this one should improve quickly”, adds the doctor.

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Remember that each year in France, about 6,000 people are diagnosed with a primary brain tumor, which represent 2% of all cancers. Moreover, according to numerous epidemiological studies, this number has been increasing in the West for about ten years, without anyone really knowing why. The intensive use of the phone could however be incriminated. Do not hesitate to consult your doctor if you experience symptoms such as persistent, intense headaches, nausea, and vision problems.

Eid Lee

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