Drinking red wine could solve your oral problems

Red WIne
Red WIne

Red Wine. Photo Credit: Pixabay

Drinking red wine might be a good way to fight against certain mouth disease. A group of Spanish researchers, in a recent study, concluded that red wine is potentially a way to fight bacteria in the mouth. How can that be?

Obviously, such an assertion could justify the opening of a good bottle! However, it is indeed a conclusion brought by Spanish researchers from the National Research Council of Madrid. For them, drinking red wine would improve dental health, as explained in their study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry on February 21, 2018.

As part of their research, the scientists have identified two antioxidants in red wine, caffeic acid and paracoumaric acid. These substances would be effective in the fight against three bacteria: Streptococcus mutans (caries catalyst), Porphyromonas gingivalis (periodontitis) and Fusobacterium nucleatum (gum lesion).

The team led by Victoria Moreno-Arribas was able to demonstrate the benefits of red wine by contrasting the two antioxidants and the three bacteria in different configurations. Thus, the acids have been found to be very effective against the oral problems mentioned above, especially when they have been combined with a probiotic bacterium called Streptococcus dentisani.

The scientists did not fail to recall however that their tests were not conducted on humans, but on cells similar to those of our gums. Thus, it will be necessary to await the result of further research while the reason causing the bacteria to disappear in the face of acids is still unknown.

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If it has already been proven that red wine has positive effects on the heart and brain, it is nonetheless an alcohol beverage. Thus, the results of this study should not be taken as an excuse to drink more red wine. Furthermore, the acidity of red wine can cause damages on the enamel of the teeth.

Emy Torres

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