Video Games Addiction to Be Classified as a Disease

​The World Health Organization (WHO) may soon recognize addiction to video games as a disease. 

Video Games Addiction 1

Children Playing Video Games in South Korea/CC

Is playing video games addictive? In some cases yes, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). According to a report from the magazine Psychology Today, the World Health Organization may soon recognize addiction to video games as a disease.

Video games-related disorders would be classified as “addictive behavior disorders with several addictive characteristics” within the International Classification of Diseases. Far from wanting to classify all gamers as sick, it would only be diagnosed in relatively rare cases, according to the report.

According to the first elements disclosed by the specialized report, a gamer will have to present certain behaviors such as the lack of self-control over the game (frequency, intensity, duration, context, beginning, end), or the increased priority of the game over other interests in life and daily activities.

The continuation of the game despite the negative consequences that it may cause is also a determining factor. Many “addicted” players have a tendency to persist in the practice of video games despite a clear and continuous degradation of their social and family life.

“The game can also become an addictive behavior through the” gameplay “, the mechanisms of rewards, the capture of attention, the immersion of the player, which might push him or her to forget his or her daily life.

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The main interest of this classification of addiction to video games as a disease would be the possibility for those concerned to benefit from care. The establishment of appropriate treatments and medical supervision would be a natural consequence of this classification, in order to better prevent and cure addiction cases.

Emy Torres

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