PC Sales Decline for the Sixth Year in Row

PC Sales
PC Sales


Global PC sales continued to decline in 2017 for the sixth year in a row, according to estimates released Thursday and Friday by research firms IDC and Gartner.

Gartner’s total device count is 262.5 million, down 2.8% from 2016. IDC has a total of 259.5 million, which means that 2017 has been “the most stable year the market has seen since 2011” with a drop of only 0.2%.

PCs are no longer even end-of-year gifts, said Mikako Kitagawa, a Gartner analyst, quoted in a statement.

“That does not mean that personal computers will disappear from homes,” she said. “In fact, the PC will become a more specialized device, dedicated to specific tasks. PC buyers will seek quality and functionality rather than the lowest price, which will result in an increase in average selling prices.”

Pending this equilibrium point, “the market will have to go through the shrinking phase caused by the decline in the number of PC users,” the analyst said.

As for the manufacturers, the two institutes give the same leading quartet, both highlighting the passage of the American HP ahead of the Chinese Lenovo. Gartner estimates that HP got 21% of the market last year, compared to 20.8% for Lenovo. IDC on its side reports their market shares at 22.7% and 21.1% respectively.

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Next are the American Dell (15.2% of market for Gartner, 16.1% for IDC), and Apple (7.4% and 7.6%). The Taiwanese Asus fell from fourth to fifth place in Gartner’s list and sixth (6.8%) in IDC’s (6.6%).

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