10 Eating Habits to Lose Weight and Stay Healthy

Habits to Lose Weight

Eating well is not only good for your weight but also and above all for your health. Every minute in the world, over 5.3 people die from the consequences of obesity or overweight. This represents the fifth leading cause of death worldwide and the third in rich countries. It is therefore important to consider your eating habits to give yourself every chance to live well and long.

That’s why here at The Talking Democrat, we have found for you 11 little tips that will help you improve your health by changing your eating habits. It’s time to take care of yourself!

1. Order First When Eating Out with Friends

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When we are in the company of friends and family, we can be easily influenced. If you had decided to eat a salad, and everyone around you order hamburgers, the temptation to do like them will be extremely great. However, the chances of not changing your mind will increase considerably if you are the first to place your order. In fact, the others around you will be influenced by your demand for healthy food.

2. Less Salt, More Spices

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The debate over the dangers of salt may have chased us for decades, if the food does not seem tasty enough. The first reflex is to add more salt. Try replacing a pinch of extra salt with the same amount of spices or herbs, and your dish will be awash with new flavors with the problems that come with consuming too much salt.

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3. Ask for the Dressing Separately

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Pre-made dressings and sauce have a bad reputation because of their high sugar content, salt and additives. If it is possible to get the dressing separately, take advantage of it, and you will be able to measure yourself the correct amount. And if a restaurant offers an assortment of different sauces, then it is better to opt for simple vegetable oils.

4. Start with the Vegetables

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Vegetables are digested faster, so it’s best to eat them first. In addition, if you feel full before you finish your dish, the healthiest food will still be eaten!

5. Don’t Be Distracted While You Eat

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If you read your e-mails or read a book while you eat, you rarely look at your plate, you’re doing it all wrong! It’s actually one the reasons why people tend to eat more than necessary. In addition, by eating mechanically, you hardly enjoy the flavors. Remember that it is better to focus on the food. It will probably be tastier than usual and will make the feeling of satiety happen faster.

6. Apply the 20-Minute Rule

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Avoid eating and drinking for at least 20 minutes after finishing the main course. There are two reasons for this :

  1. Drinking something while you eat or just after slows down your digestion.
  2. The feeling of hunger does not disappear immediately but takes a while.
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If after 20 minutes you’re still hungry, then, yes, it’s time to enjoy a dessert, coffee or tea.

7. Buy Healthy Foods in Advance

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By buying healthy food on Friday night, you will avoid being tempted to order a pizza or spend the weekend with a packet of chips in your hands.

8. Use Real Fruit and Not Just Their Flavor

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There are tons of ads promoting yogurt with supposedly more and more natural fruits. But none of them can surpass a natural yogurt to which you can add yourself the fruits of your choice in desirable quantities.

9. Look for Healthy Alternatives

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Instead of throwing yourself on the usual products, look for alternatives that you can resort to that will provide similar taste but greater health benefits.

10. Enjoy Your Favorite Food… In Moderation if Necessary

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Even if your favorite food is a real calorie bomb, full of sugar, and one that would make any dietitian go pale, you do not necessarily have to completely remove it from your diet! Moderation will take you a long way. Eat in small portions and make sure that you only it on special occasions.

Angie Mahecha

Angie Mahecha, an Engineering Student at the University of Central Florida, is originally from Colombia but has been living in Florida for the past 10 Years.