Secret Bitcoin Millionaire Giving Away 86 Million Dollars

86 Million dollars 1

86 Million dollars 3

Waking up rich after the explosion of the price of bitcoin, a secret bitcoin millionaire who wishes to remain anonymous has admitted to not being able to spend so much money.
An anonymous donor has created a fund to distribute his fortune in bitcoin for charitable purposes, reports the site Gizmodo. 

Called The Pineapple Fund, the organization is supposed to help the lucky owner of the equivalent of $ 86 million to spend his wealth because he has admitted himself to be unable to do it alone.

“At the dawn of bitcoin, I thought it was promising to decentralize money and decided to buy some, to exchange some magic tokens. The expected collapse of Bitcoin over several years has instead resulted in an amount far exceeding that which I am able to spend,” explains the millionaire.

All transactions through The Pineapple Fund are listed on the site, indicating that more than $ 6.5 million has already been distributed.

Bitcoin has seen a meteoric rise over the last few months. The price of the cryptocurrency went from 800 dollars last year to 19,000 in December. The value has since fallen a bit to about 14,000 dollars but that’s enough to make millionaires of early adopters who bought hundreds of bitcoins during the early days. 

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