Search for Missing Argentine Submarine Intensifies as New Contact is Detected

San Juan Missing Argentine Intensifies
San Juan Missing Argentine Intensifies

Search for Missing Argentine Submarine Intensifies

The search for the missing Argentine submarine may have found a new  life. A month and a half after the disappearance of the San Juan submarine, with 44 sailors on board, the Argentine Navy reported that a “new contact” had been detected by a sonar. The Russian submarine Panther plus, guided at a distance, will be in charge of examining this new contact.

The Argentine Navy had already reported in recent weeks such sonar contacts that had detected anomalies in the seabed, but without results. One of them turned out to be a fishing boat that sank in the ocean several years ago.

The US oceanographic research vessel Atlantis is meanwhile continuing its search for the missing submarine, the Navy said. The Argentine military has given up hope of finding survivors but still hopes to to find the San Juan. This case led last week to the dismissal of the head of the Argentine Navy, Admiral Marcelo Srur.

An incident appears to have occurred when seawater entered the ship through the schnorkel, a tube that allows submarines equipped with diesel engines, such as the San Juan, to operate these engines while being submerged. Shortly thereafter, an underwater explosion was recorded near the last position given by the submarine.

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