Missouri Woman Wins Lottery Twice in One Day



She might just be the luckiest human alive. A Missouri woman by the name of Veronica Buchanan has won the lottery twice in just one day.

On November 29th, she bought two tickets and won both times. In the morning of that day, she bought a $10 Monopoly scratch-off ticket, which earned her 1,000 dollars. She bought the ticket at a local BP gas station.

Later that same day, she went backto the gas station ad bought another $10 scratch-off ticket. That time she hit the jackpot, winning a $1,000,000. She has been called the luckiest woman alive.

Other people have been able to accomplish the same feat in the past. Earlier in November, a North Carolina woman won $1,010,000 between two lottery tickets she bought  in a single day.

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Shakes Gilles

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