Man Finds Used Bandage in His Bread



A 65-year-old man discovered with horror a used bandage in a loaf of bread he bought the day before at the supermarket in France. He is now worrying for his health.

Necer Hamzaoui made a strange discovery last Wednesday. While eating his bread bought at a supermarket in France, he began to have a strange feeling about the piece of bread he was eating. A closer inspection, he discovered that he was in fact shewing on a used bandage.

“I am outraged and worried!” he said to French press. “I felt like throwing up, I have health problems: I had heart surgery and I’m diabetic, I went straight to see my doctor because I was afraid of catching an illness. ”

Contacted by our French colleagues, the store was embarrassed and confirmed that it is possible that the bandage was used by a staff member. “Our bakers do not wear gloves to ‘beat’ the dough, because they have to feel it,” says Jérôme Bizart, head of the bakery at the store where he bought the bread. “We have checked: none of our bakers are injured, but some wear bandages to protect against possible piercings or rings.”

Even if Necer’s doctor was reassuring, the damage is already done for the 65-year-old man, who refused a commercial gesture of 50 euros from the supermarket. “I wish they’d take my protest more seriously, it’s with my life that they have played.”

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For the store manager, the fact that the bandage was found whole indicates that no other client is impacted by this incident. “Other bandages can not be lost in other breads.The situation does not present a health risk, it is simply embarrassing, and I apologize to the customer.”

Emy Torres

Emy holds a degree in Political Science from the University of Michigan and currently freelances part-time for The Talking Democrat.