FCC Approves Long-distance Wireless Charging Device


Energous’ Wattup/Credit: Energous

Wireless charging of our smartphones is really convenient in some situations. In others, the fact that the smartphone has to be placed directly on a specific surface without being able to move can be a problem. WattUp could change that very soon!

This new wireless and remote charging method recently approved by the FCC could indeed change the game for wireless charging!

This new system, which has just been approved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), allows to recharge a device while being almost one meter away from it! The new feature makes this system more efficient than any other that has been presented so far, such as the Pi for example that can charge multiple smartphones at the same time without contact. Its weak point is that smartphones have to stay really close to the charging unit for it to work.

WattUp, in turn, converts electricity into “radio frequencies” and then transmits energy to nearby devices equipped with a receiver capable of receiving them. So like Pi, WattUp can charge multiple devices at the same time and should even work on as many devices as you want. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, keyboards and headphones, etc. The only condition is that they are equipped with the right receiver.

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In addition, the WattUp system is independent of the manufacturers, which means that you can still charge your Samsung phone even if the transmitter you have is manufactured by Sony or Apple for example, which would make any charger using this technology “universal” .

But the most interesting thing is that several receivers-transmitters placed in the same room can significantly expand the action of WattUp, to charge devices several meters from the base transmitter.

Energous — the start-up behind the product — has not yet announced a release date, but is expected to offer a variety of demonstrations at the Los Angeles CES, to be held January 9-12, 2018.

Eid Lee

Eid is a freelance journalist from California. He covers different topics for The Talking Democrat but focuses mostly on technology and science.