American Man Escapes from Bali Prison

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Kerobokan Prison/CC

Chrishan Beasley, An Indonesian-born American drug trafficker, escaped on Monday from the Kerobokan prison on the Indonesian island of Bali with the help of a ladder and a rope, official sources at the center said.

Chrishan Beasley, 32, escaped from his prison cell by climbing the prison wall with a ladder and descended on the other side with a rope, the prison’s director Tony Nainggolan told the Efe news agency.

Another American convicted of theft, Paul Anthony Hoffman, attempted to flee at the same time, but was stopped by prison guards, Nainggolan added.

Prison authorities are now investigating the source of the tools used by the fugitive prisoner.

Police arrested Beasley in August for possession of 5 grams of hashish, and the American was awaiting trial for drug trafficking.

In June, four other foreigners fled Kerobokan through a tunnel: two are still missing and two were captured three days later in East Timor, more than 1, 100 km east of Bali.

The Kerobokan prison holds more than 1,300 detainees, triple its capacity, according to the Directorate of Correctional Institutions of Indonesia.

Prison escapes are common in Indonesia, where most prisons are overcrowded and do not have enough security staff.

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