Weed Smokers Have More Sex Than Non-smokers


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According to recent study by Stanford University School of Medicine, people who smoke weed on average have more sex than others. However, The authors of the study took the precaution to specify that no causal link has been established between marijuana use and the frequency of sexual intercourse.

Between 2002 and 2015, researchers surveyed more than 28,000 American women and nearly 23,000 American men, all between the ages of 25 and 45. They were asked how much sex they had in the past four weeks, and whether they had smoked cannabis in the last 12 months.

Published in the journal Journal of Sexual Medicine, the study found that women who use marijuana on a daily basis reported 7.1 sexual intercourses on average in the past month, compared to six for others. Among men, the same observation: 6.9 sexual intercourses for daily smokers against 5.6 for non-smokers.

On average, cannabis users would have 20% more sex than non-smokers, regardless of age, gender, family status or education level.

“Frequent use of cannabis does not seem to reduce motivation or sexual performance,” says study author Eisenberg, who does not establish a causal relationship between smoking cannabis and the frequency of sexual intercourse. These results are quite¬†surprising, when we know that marijuana – in large quantities – reduces the quality of sperm and promotes erection problems.

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