US Family Survives Pirates in Amazon Jungle

Hartreau Family
Hartreau Family

The Hartreau Family/Instagram

Adam and Emily Hartreau, an American couple traveling around the world with their two little daughters, were found safe and sound on Wednesday, November 1, after being attacked by pirates in the Amazon rainforest.

The previous Sunday, the family was on its way by boat from a port in Belem, the capital of Pará State (Brazil), to the nearby town of Macapé when their boat was attacked.

“Apparently, they are doing well and have only traces of insect bites, but they have not seen a doctor yet,” a spokesman for the Pará Security Secretariat (SSP) told the Brazilian media.

According to the first elements, the pirates, after taking control of the boat of the Americans, took it to an area known as the “Port of Days”, a discreet place carved by particularly dense vegetation.

From there, the attackers allegedly stole equipment before leaving the boat with the couple and their children prisoners inside. The police came quickly to the scene but the Harteau family was no longer in it.

The police then opened an investigation, putting themselves in touch with the family’s relatives in the United States but also in the Brazilian city of Florianópolis, capital of the State of Santa Catarina, where the couple owns a house.

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At the same time, a team of police officers and firefighters carried out several searches in the forest and was able to find the living family. “They were hiding in the jungle, but we do not know exactly why,” added the spokesman of the SSP.

Contacted by Time Magazine, Colby Guillory, a friend of the family living in California, meanwhile declared that “knowing Adam, he probably took it upon himself to save his family,” Guillory said. “We just know that sometime between pirates overtaking the boat and leaving the boat, went missing. We think they jumped.”

According to Keith Hartreau, brother of Adam, said Adam and Emily left California three years ago after falling in love with Latin America.

Thirsty for adventures and discoveries, they had acquired a certain notoriety on social networks and are followed by more than 120,000 people on Instagram.

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